Shipyard Project Management

Navalycia, helps the shipyards to employ a sustainable performance growth and continious management improvement via analysing the needs of shipyards for operating successful – systematical and transparent.

Gives Quality Control Systems foundation consultancy, to create customer satisafaction and profitability of shipyards with customer focused philosophy.

With a  good quality system :

Customer satifaction is enabled

Cost management is realized

Losts are minimized

Continious improvement is achieved

Faults are decreased

Efficiency is increased

Profibility is increased

Customer trust and brand image are established

Workers motivation is increased

The time and sources are used more effectively

Navalycia provides efficient stages for QUALITY CONTROL INSTALLATION.

1 – Evaluation of existing status

2 – Quality Control Installatin plan

3 – Training system plan

4 – Installation of system

5 – Internal tests / examinations

6 – Rules Documentation /Auditing